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Joy the Key to Entrepreneurial Happiness, A Millennials' Guide to Starting, Continuing and Reinventing Your Business

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JOY, the KEY to Entrepreneurial Happiness: A Millennials' Guide to Starting, Continuing and Reinventing Your Business is about figuring out your purpose, working your plan and planning your path to entrepreneurship regardless of life's pitfalls. This book transparently reveals Joy's personal journey and is especially targeted to millennial women of all backgrounds. Joy wants them all to leave the pages of this self-help/inspirational offering, chanting, believing in, and breathing the empowering ideal that simply declares, you can do it! It doesn't matter where a person stands at the starting gate — be it novice, mature, formally educated or experienced in street smarts, single, single parent, married, divorced, widowed; conventional or unconventional — opportunity can be carved out of one's passion to operate and to prosper in it.
JOY the KEY is a snappy read, encouraged as a handy pocket-sized guidebook of knowledge. It's designed to be an inspiration-at-the-ready whenever one needs it. This is a quick, informative weekend read, straight to the point with no filler, but chock-full of proof, inspiration, and empowerment to succeed. Through Joy's pain and payoffs, readers can see how she navigated through the pressures of life, and ultimately became a diamond of joy and perseverance. The book is written in conversational, and sometimes, comedic tones, letting readers know that the pitfalls one might experience, once she or he has grown the courage to step out on faith, are not isolated instances, but conduits to success. Dear Reader, "you are not alone," it conveys. For example, when Joy discovered that spouses, relatives, close friends, and confidants don't always support and/or understand the vision, in fact, they may even sabotage it. That oftentimes, it happens all in the name of protecting you or wanting you to live your life as they define it. Using Joy's personal experiences, the book further informs how not to allow such pitfalls to deliver the knockout punch to entrepreneurship.
Nothing great comes without pressure, experience and time. Entrepreneurship is not as easy as it is portrayed on social media, and readers need to replace their rose-colored, social-media glasses for a lesson in stick-to-itiveness. JOY the KEY is unique and layered with telling nuances that readers can use, but may not be able to pre-identify because its perspective is birthed from Joy — a 33-year-old African-American woman, who has been an entrepreneur since the age of 21 years old. However, entrepreneurship is not all Joy has known. She has had traditional jobs as well, and at the time of those experiences, I owned the not— so— traditional expenses and responsibilities of a 21-year-old; i.e., a husband, a child, a mortgage, car note, and more. My carefree years were short-lived. So JOY the KEY book gives a perspective from a real-world working adult. This book is about identifying and putting to work the faith that you need to build within yourself. It's about setting in motion a higher power along with the "Keys" to create one's roadmap and vehicle needed to power-up one's dream and to push the pedal down on the drive.

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