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Journey of a Thousand Steps: A Whisper of a Mystery Trilogy, #3

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Journey of a Thousand Steps is the conclusion of the trilogy. After several years with no new information about Jason, Ellen wants closure and vows to never give up her search. A documentary about a super cyclone that devastated islands, west of Fiji, catches her attention. This event reenergizes her enthusiasm and a possibility emerges that they had not explored yet. What if large oil tankers the size of football fields were maneuvered to avoid the storm? Could they have been used to pick up cyclone survivors? Ellen forms a new theory and has renewed hope.

Book three takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, as Ellen embarks on the journey to find her son, but does this without her husband's knowledge. She has a deadline: she must either find Jason -- or let him go forever. When she returns home with a storm survivor, this becomes the hardest journey the family will ever face.

   My story revealed itself when my family experienced a true life-altering event. Finding peace and closure has not been easy. In the last chapter of book three, I share our caregiver tips in the form of 10 Keys to Recovery that help us get through our day. No one can predict with any certainty what life will bring, but when one door closes, another opens…because God does not abandon you; he gives you only what he knows you can handle.

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