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Eight Plays: Eudora, The Viceroy, Heroine of Cambria, Maid of hte Oaks, Heiress, Camp, Lord of the Manor,a nd Richard Coeur de Lion

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Eight plays by the British general who lost the Battle of Saratoga (and who appears prominently in Shaw's Devil's Disciple). After the battle, in which he was captured, he returned to England "on parole", meaning he promised not to come back again and fight the American rebels. Back in England, he wrote plays and musicals for the London stage sometimes in competition with and sometimes in collaboration with Richard Brinsley Sheridan. This collection includes all his extant works: Eudora, The Viceroy, Heroine of Cambria, Maid of the Oaks, The Camp, The Lord of the Manor, and Richard Coeur de Lion. It also includes a biographical sketch of Burgoyne, and 14 illustrations.

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