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Uncle Kelly's Little Book of...Wisdom?

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Q. What is this?
A. A book.
Q. Obviously. Ahem. I've been taught to judge a book by its cover. Does it really matter what's inside?
A. Yes. Consider a typical fridge. It isn't what's outside of it that's important. It's the food stored inside of it that matters. The same principle applies to a book.
Q. Umm hmm. So then, what exactly is inside of THIS book?
A. This book is a compilation of beautiful poetry, inspiring photographs and humorous flash fiction.
Rumor has it that a good portion of the book is actually humorous flash fiction. However, just between us, I heard it from my brother's best friend, who heard it from from his barber's second cousin, twice-removed, that gossip is often just hearsay.
Q. I see. Now tell me, why should I buy this book?
A. What a question. Why wouldn't you want to buy this book? You'll get a diverse collection of unique and entertaining writing. Not only that, you'll also get a healthy helping of tasty food...for thought. Ahem. But best of all, you'll get the warm fuzzy glow that only can only come from contributing to an author's royalty cheque.
Q. Ah. I get it. You're the author, asking yourself these questions, aren't you?
A. No harm in that friend. The danger isn't in talking to yourself, it's in answering yourself. But enough about me, the bigger question is, shouldn't you be looking into my book?

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