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777 Deliverance Prayers for Healing and Breakthrough

93 pages1 hour


This book is a pullout from the bigger book titled TOTAL BODY DELIVERANCE. It is loaded with spiritual vomited deliverance prayers. It is a complete way of addressing problems that may arise in our daily activities. Battles are fought and won in the spirit, making it possible to get physical results. This book will open your eyes to A to Z prayers of life.
Prayers in this book, covers prayers you need to lift you to greatness. Every part of the body, including the head, mouth, eyes, hands, stomach, legs, reproductive organs etc. are addressed one at a time. A chapter is devoted to them one at a time, making it possible to treat them in depth with appropriate prayers.
There is no way Satan can dribble you this time around as you address every aspect of your life. Surely, he will not find solace in you anymore. The time is up for Satan with his wicked acts. You shall experience total deliverance as you use this book.
Pick this book. The time is now, don't procrastinate.

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