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Beautiful as the Sky

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Not every scoundrel is black to the core, nor does every saint have a heart of gold.

Rafe Mesola's heart was as black as the Earl of Hell's waistcoat. Or so he thought. And so he lived, until remorse began to dog his footsteps.

One bad decision made when he was a very young man colors his whole life. But would a real scoundrel feel this amount of pain?

When his friends lie dead and his family has deserted him, he discovers that innocents, too, may have hearts of stone. Why must he carry all the blame?

Beautiful as the Sky is set in the canal era of the nineteenth century, when thousands of jobs are being created and the world is rosy with prosperity, new inventions, and indefatigable ambition. Trade is booming, and the new wealth beckons smilingly to greed and pride.

But the universe demands balance.

Naysayers defame optimists, laborers and employers clash, visionaries make war on the status quo, bleeding hearts point fingers at tycoons, and the most exasperating crisis of all, women desert their duties and take up arms against inequality.

Someone must be blamed when progress falters, but which are the aggressors and which are the aggrieved?

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