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American Diet Revolution!: The Strength for Life® Guide to the Foods We Must and Must Not Eat To Be Leaner and Stronger in the 21st Century

239 pages3 hours


Rouses Americans’ anger about deliberately deceptive dietary advice in the 20th century that caused epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and other diseases plaguing the US still today
Stirs up passion for Americans to revolt against government agencies and medical organizations that continue to profit from diseases and disabilities
Forces Americans to compare the integrity of nutritional research in the 21st century to the self-serving dogma in the 20th
Explains why so much seemingly contradictory dietary advice persists, even in today’s world
Identifies specific foods that fatten and inflame the human body and colonize people with disease
Identifies specific foods (some old, some new) that people need to eat in generous quantities to achieve the freedom of good health
Presents quick and simple menus and recipes for those with limited time and skill to prepare nutritious foods
Rekindles an awareness of the responsibilities deeded to Americans by the first American Revolutionaries
Reveals the potential power acquired when Americans educate themselves and exercise the right to question the truth of information
Inspires Americans to act as responsible stewards of their own internal environment as well as the external environment of the planet

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