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Command the Night Deal with Witchcraft Powers and be set Free: SERIOUS MIDNIGHT BATTLE, #2

135 pages1 hour


Warlords are conquerors. They match out from war-rooms with determination to conquer and spoil. They match to the gate of the enemy to subdue and conquer. They are fearless and wonderful.
This book, command the night part two, answers it all. It is book that disgraces the enemy and put them on hold. It is a revival prophetic prayer book that makes warlords occupy strategic positions in life, with prayers that silence the enemy.
It is advised; you wake and command the night. It is when you command the night miracles appear all over situations at hand. Be filled with holy anger in prayer to command the night and be prophetically promoted.
The time to do it is now. Buy this book, and seek wonder works of God.

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