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Border Runner

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Jim was living in the San Gabriel Valley, in semi-poverty.
He then stole a lot of money, bought a police car detector device and also bought a hot rod.
Jim then relocated to rural San Diego and began a career as a product delivery guy.
He’s making big money and trying to build a lifetime career.
Then Jim meets Julia.

I drove down to East San Diego and got a cheap motel room. I managed to call the Mexican drug warehouse, from a pay phone. I set up a product buy.

I got a good night’s sleep, ate a huge breakfast, installed the police car detector in the Chevy and then washed and waxed the Chevy. I got myself cleaned up. That evening, I drove down to Mexico, via back roads, and managed to buy three kilos of what they called product. I got a price and a product dealer, up in the Los Angeles area. I told the product warehouse guys a supposed route that I would take and off I went. (The Mexican product dealers were famous for selling out their buyers and collecting a reward and the product, from the Mexican police.)

Once I got out of sight of the product warehouse, I turned East. I eased along a road until I got to a possible crossing spot. My little handy dandy police radio detector told me that there was a police car nearby. I drove on. I tried two more spots, before I found a clear path. I crossed over into the United States and carefully made my way North. When I had to drive on dirt roads, I took it really easy, to avoid kicking up dust and dirt. I wanted my Chevy as clean as practical. I didn’t want my car to look like I had driven on dirt roads, in Mexico. I drove through the desert. I stayed at the speed limits and tried to avoid calling any attention to my car. I got quite a ways North and then left the desert and crossed over I-395, then used surface roads into the outskirts of Los Angeles. I found the dealer that I had been told would buy my product and the dealer did so. I sold the product for some three times what I paid for it, in Mexico. I then drove back to San Diego and got some sleep until about noon.

(I was now a thief and a product dealer. However, I had something over $25,000 and I was not going to be a sheep.)

I managed to rent a rural San Diego house, for first and last month’s rent, plus security deposit, and I moved in. Since I now had an address, I got some books from the library and I started to study for the GED exam, so that I could be at least a high school graduate.

I called the Mexican product dealer and told him that I got past the police, without having to shoot any of them. (The Mexicans don’t want a shooting war, with the USA police.) I want to pick up five kilos of product, when the time is right to sell to my Los Angeles dealer. I work out an arrangement, with the man who runs the Mexican product warehouse.

I talk briefly with my new neighbors, telling them that I analyze explosive sound data for oil drillers, to tell them where to drill. “Very secret stuff.”

I then use a very valuable feature, in the garage of my new house. There’s a pit in the garage. The pit is the right size and right depth to allow me to check the underside of my car. Instead of sucking booze in a bar, I check to make sure that all of the suspension items in my car are in good shape and properly aligned, so that the tires show no abnormal wear. The undercarriage shows no sign of flexing, although I have done no high speed running yet.

I also check the fluids. I do change the oil and filter in the engine. I also change the lube in the transmission and the differential, using all top of the line stuff.

I take care of my car, so that my car will take care of me.

I also take care of me. I shop for food at a farmers market. I eat healthy food and workout hard. If some one gets tired during a high speed chase, it’s gonna be the police, not me. (I may be a teenage punk, but I’m not a dumb, lazy teenage punk.)

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