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The Adventures of Princess Mikaila and Prince Pete

94 pages24 minutes


The adventures of Princess Mikaila and Prince Pete is a rare treasury of stories for young children that weave age-appropriate financial basics into fun, engaging, fairy tales that will actually help make their dreams come true!
"I am impressed, indeed amazed, by the standard of financial knowledge available to children in "The Adventures of Princess Mikaila and Prince Pete". Each story incorporates financial topics in a way that is so enjoyable and fascinating that children will hang onto every word without even realizing they're learning something! Mark demonstrates his natural ability to communicate smart financial concepts to people of all ages, especially children. This book is so bright and informative, I would strongly encourage schools and parents to add it to their "must have" list of reading and learning materials. I believe this book will not only improve the standards of financial knowledge for the next generation but also enhance their enjoyment of it".
Sarvenaz Rezai, MBA,
CFA,Investment Advisor

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