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Jesus Saves

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As believers, we know that Jesus took our sins upon Himself at the cross and covered us in His righteousness. But so many do not realize the fullness of His saving grace, and they live a defeated life or one that is filled with pain and suffering. They don’t know that their issues were resolved at the cross, and that when they study the Scriptures, they will be able to see what God has said about them.

Some believers suffer from guilt, depression, loneliness, sickness, or fear, just to mention a few. Others are dealing with issues in life that are tormenting such as a divorce or financial lack. Some even wrestle with wild emotions and unforgiveness. Jesus doesn’t want us to live in agony and defeat, especially when He’s provided a way for us to be free.

We need to learn to trust Jesus, and we need to study the Scriptures and get His truth deep into our heart. This book was written as a lead-in to your own studies. It outlines many of the common issues that people face, and shows how they can get the victory through them. Each topic is loaded with Scriptures so that you can read them, memorize them and present them back to Jesus with a heart of faith.

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