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Guardians Series



For months after the battle between Taya and John's Dark Guardians, Taya and her people deal with the aftermath.  With her new found ability she sets out to release her fallen brothers, finally giving them peace.

But John has disappeared taking the remainder of his army with him.   He will begin to rebuild his forces and launch another attack.  This one would be more devastating than the last, bringing forth the Apocalypse.

Taya has no way of knowing where or when the next strike will happen so she must gather her own forces to prepare for the inevitable war.  Sam struggles to understand what she witnessed and who her best friend really is.  She must decide if she is going to help defend the world 
by Taya's side or turn a blind eye to what is coming.

This thrilling final installment of the Guardians Series will show you how love and friendship are just as strong as legacies and bloodlines.

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