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A Journey to Greatness

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Sometimes, it seems as if the world is spinning out of control. As we look around us, we can see corruption, violence, and greed. You may ask yourself, “Who will bring change?” My reply is, “You.” A better world begins with a better you.

For the most part, I thought this book would target students, but now I realize it is applicable to all ages, races, and cultures. In this book, we use metaphors to bring attention to negative actions and to show how they subtract from our experience, preventing us from reaching true greatness and excellence. We also show how positive actions will activate greatness and excellence. Here’s an example of what’s in the book:

Laziness is a seed of failure that produces the fruit of missed opportunities, leaving one destitute and empty. Those who eat of it find themselves malnourished in the midst of a feast of life. On the other hand, hard work anchors the tree of life allowing its branches to reach far and wide, into places we thought could never be reached. Those who eat of its sweet fruit can always see wealth and success within reach. Hard work brings the satisfaction of knowing you gave your all. It will yield results.

We pray that this book will motivate and inspire an attitude of excellence that will help you to fulfill your purpose. You stand on the launching pad to greatness.

Darron Gillion was born in Fort Lauderdale and is a native Floridian. His parents had six children. Of five boys and one girl, he is next to the oldest. He and his beautiful wife, Rebecca, have been married for over nineteen years, during which time, they were blessed with two handsome sons, Darron Jr. and Reuben. Over the years, the author has been a keynote speaker at various youth services, youth conferences, and men’s conferences. He has also had the privilege of being a youth group leader. Seeing young people’s lives changed is an important part of his life and purpose.

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