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The Granting of Wishes - Three Christmas Short Stories

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Can impossible wishes ever be granted?

Christmas is, above any other time in the year, a time of wishes. Of sending them out into the world. Of making lists of them. Of granting them.

We wish for the possible, but more often we wish for the impossible, because Christmas is that magical time when it seems as if wishes might truly be granted – even to those who no longer believe in Santa Clause.

These three short stories explore what it can be like to have your impossible wishes granted – or to be the one granting an impossible wish.

There's Cory, whose most fervent wish is snow at Christmas – in the midst of summer in South Africa.

There's Charlotte, who wishes she didn't have to spend Christmas alone this year.

And there's Merry, who wishes for a dollhouse for Christmas; Karen, her mother, who wishes she could afford winter tires, let alone a dollhouse for her daughter; and George, a stranger, who wishes he could right the wrong he did to his son many years ago.

Impossible wishes, one and all – or maybe not? 

Find out in this heartwarming and magical anthology of Yuletide spirit.

Keep your tissues handy.

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