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Kansas City Vampires



Happy Holidays…or not!

Rafir Caras, a very sexy werewolf, is struggling to make his new pack work—especially around the holiday. Alex Gibbs, his vampire lover and the newest pack member, wants a real family Christmas, tree trimming and all. Rafir’s other lover and longtime pack member Julia Deihl wants nothing to do with the winter holiday, and Rafir is afraid she doesn’t want anything to do with Alex either. The distance growing between them all has become nearly insurmountable.

To make matters worse, a rival alpha shows up to challenge Rafir, Alex is surprised by an old boyfriend, and Julia’s estranged parents arrive for a holiday visit that could end with her leaving Kansas City forever.

The three of them are heading down a path of no return. If they can’t maneuver their pasts and survive the challenge of their present, they might not have a future to salvage.

For Rafir Caras, his dream of a pack for Christmas may be snuffed out before the holiday season begins. Torn between his lovers, the addition of uninvited guests, and the pressure of forming a new pack may spell the end of all his hopes and dreams.

A Pack for Christmas, Book 7 in the bestselling Kansas City Vampires series from bestselling GLBT romance author G.R. George will keep you turning the pages from beginning to end.

*Intended for mature readers.
*Previously Published: (2006) Changeling Press | (2016) G.R. George

Kansas City Vampires series by G.R. George
1. A Reluctant Vampire
2. A Vampire Forsaken
3. A Vampire Taken
4. A Vampire Breaking
5. A Reclusive Vampire
6. A Lone Wolf's Vampire
7. A Pack for Christmas

Perfect for fans of Lila Dubois, Lexxie Couper, and Cameron Dane

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