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Forger's Revenge

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Beautiful art forger Ella Winston is bent on revenge. Upon her release from a women’s prison in Pennsylvania, she rumbles on her motorcycle into the sleepy Chesapeake village of River Glen to search for paintings of the Battle of Gettysburg by the Civil War painter Adam Eaton. The Eaton paintings, Ella is convinced, must be in River Glen, perhaps in the derelict, reputedly haunted, manor house on the outskirts of town once inhabited by Adam Eaton and the Civil War spies Josiah and Abigail Wedgewood-Smyth. The paintings will exonerate her ... prove her innocence ... prove that she was framed for art crimes that sent her to prison to years. Yet, upon her arrival in River Glen, a revered Philadelphia art professor is found dead on the shores of the Chesapeake. Then a woman biker is killed on a ghost walk. The timing is more than coincidental. Ella becomes the obvious suspect in the murder investigation. It can’t be happening again. Someone ... again ... is trying to frame her!
Detective Jay Braden is roused from his gin-soaked vacation to investigate. Braden’s wits stretch to a snapping point as he pursues a most brilliant adversary, a killer whose crimes are years in the planning. But is he also an unwitting pawn in the killer’s deadly game? Forger's Revenge lures the reader into a dangerous world of art crimes, of women bikers and Civil War spies, even into an encounter with the mysterious Chessie, the Chesapeake Bay sea monster. Strap on your helmet, climb into the sidecar, and brace yourself for a wild ride ... Diva of Darkness, a heart-pounding thriller in Chesapeake country and on the undulating battlefields of Gettysburg.

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