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The Trillium Awakening

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Priya’s world collapses. She discovers she is not human. Her best friend spills the beans on a world of Witches and Magic. Priya assumes she is an orphan and has known all her life that she is different as she can heal. So does this madness make sense?

Priya finds herself seeking answers to her past while embracing newly discovered revelations. After the break-up with her boyfriend, being attacked by rabid dogs, she learns her mother is on life support riddled with a deadly virus and that her father is supposed to be the enemy. A world of Witches, Vardokur and Warshari, opens up to her triggering her panic attacks. Untamed Magic rips through her veins. Being the firstborn of a new race has some problems.
The quest remains to find the Trillium flower in a fantastical dark and mysterious Orb with the purpose of saving the life of her mother, who she hardly knows and abandoned her at birth, and finding a cure to the deadly virus, created by the evil Warshari.

Priya’s fantastical and dangerous journey in the Orb leads her to save a slave girl, question her sexuality, struggle to control life-threatening panic attacks and temper the raging Magic. Later on, the big revelation smashes into her, she is an experiment, her parents hate her, and she is marked for death. This forces her to fight back. To further her identity, Priya falls in love. She is taught how to tame the rage inside and to learn from the pain of the past.

THE TRILLIUM AWAKENING is an LGBT friendly, romantic, dystopian, fantasy novel. It is a 104,000-word novel and is the first book in a new series.

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