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A Cornwall & Company Mystery



Book 4 in the Cornwall & Company Mystery Series....This exciting mystery is a stand-alone book....Mystery writer Lisbeth Causley sends her assistant, Chrisanth Neeson, once in the Witness Protection Program, to scout a location for a fictional murder in Kauai. Under a blue sky on a perfect day in paradise, a stranger shoots farm worker Johnny Hiro and kidnaps Chris.

Stuffed into a rain barrel and tossed onto the back of a truck, Chris looks like the next victim. But when her kidnapper gets sloppy, she manages to escape and call for help. The cops are skeptical and consider Chris the main suspect, until Lisbeth "Liz" Causley steps in to set them straight.

When the dead body of the assailant, Rupert Quillane, is discovered a short time later in a red Nissan truck near the Puu o Hewa Reservoir, the case takes a bizarre turn. Enter Jefferson Cornwall, thriller author, who happens to be Liz's son and the love of Chris's life. Intrigued by the case, mother-and-son authors join forces with family and friends in a race against time when the owner of the property where Johnny Hiro was shot turns up missing.

Cattle rancher Michael Gurne has been dating the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Howard Duckworth for just a few short months. Howard Duckworth claims his wife is a gold-digger. Rhona Duckworth claims to know her husband's dirty little dealings. When a devious investment scheme is exposed, Howard Duckworth looks guilty. But Rhona has trouble making a clean breast of her own past. If Cornwall & Company can't get to the bottom of this mess quickly, Michael Gurne may never be found alive!

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