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A Viking for Christmas

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Ericka Norn hasn’t had a lot of luck in finding the right man. But then, she’s always been more interested in the past than the present. Case in point...her Christmas gift to herself is a twelfth-century Scandinavian coin from a collector’s shop. She certainly didn’t expect the purchase to send her back in Time to 1140 AD Norway...or to one sexy Viking.

Having lost half his crew on a sea raid, Wolfe Larson knows no Valkyrie will ever come to escort him to Valhalla. Still, he has a need to atone for what he sees as his ultimate failure. When he finds a confused, red-headed woman hiding in a fishmonger’s shed, he thinks maybe Hel, the goddess of the Underworld, has sent him a path to redemption.

But he never dreamt that the road might lead to the 21st century.

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