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The Princes' Game Series Summary: Princes' Game, #7

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Have you read the Princes' Game series? Do you want to read it, but prefer spoilers before going into intense and R-rated stories? Or do you just want to know what happened so you can skip ahead to other novels that refer to events that transpired during the series? The author has prepared this set of summaries for you! This volume includes:

1. A blow-by-blow synopsis of each book;2. Discussions of the military and personal repercussions;3. Cast lists for each novel;4. Author commentary, and discussions about the titles of each book;5. Selected reader highlights;6. Author sketches and art relating to each book (some scanned specifically for this volume);7. Joke sketches relating to the entire series.

Pick up the summary now to prepare yourself for the next generation of Peltedverse novels! Read it as a refresher or for the art, if you've enjoyed the series... or as preparation, if you want to read the series... or as a way to learn the context for the setting going forward!

This summary volume is also available to members of the author's patreon or mailing list at no cost. But if you'd prefer to tuck a few cents into the author's pocket, that's good too.

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