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A Graveyard Hanging On The Wall

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Some things can’t be explained. A Graveyard Hanging On The Wall is unfinished stories of Horror, SciFi, Dark Phantasies, a few in verse of the unexplained meter...

Isn’t it just like horror to leave you hanging, standing there with no closure, no solution, no end, in hopeless exasperation, smoldering, “it’s finished, it can’t be! There’s got to...” Sci-Fi isn’t much better sometimes leaving you in the apocalypse wondering which way to turn. Fantasy may offer closure in the aftermath... there’s always an aftermath.

Having picnics in a graveyard was a favorite of mine. I’ll never forget this one, a hand-made headstone I felt so drawn to. As I stepped closer to read it I could have sworn I felt energy rising from the grave...

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