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The Detachment The Awareness Stage

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The current book named: “Detachment – the Awareness Stage” is the third part in the “Awareness Stage” cycle. The volume is structured as a step-by-step approach in order to facilitate the comprehension of the entire awareness process required in humanity’s next leap forward.
The awareness process is closely tied to a return to yourself and to what you represent. Gaining awareness about who you are is a complicated running process of introspection. You, as one experiencing a temporary existence on this Earth, must self-analyze to find out more about your purpose. For this it is necessary to gain the ability to understand things from a dual perspective: that of a common human being and that of a superior being who is living this existence.
The book “Detachment” gives you the opportunity to study in more depth and to get one step closer in your self-discovery. Gaining new knowledge will give you the ability to shed any obsolete and incomplete ideas you may have harbored before reading it.
By reading this book you might activate a switch that will eliminate any self-imposed mental barriers, and will free you. You will then advance in your journey to self-discovery, towards revelations of who you are, what you represent and how will you assume your role correctly.
The Monitoring Team of Planet Earth’s Evolution
Through Amratra

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