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Is Rex a Dog?

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I've been asked if Rex a metaphor for the author. Rex isn’t a metaphor! Rex is a dog. Dogs are simple. Many women think men are simple. Rex is anything but simple, however -- the "ex" in Rex is complex.

Rex’s stories are metaphors for our human tendency to label each other. I see that tendency as a natural inclination to reduce complexity, to simplify people, to simplify our view of the opposite sex, but men are so much more than dogs... What you think is actually going on at first, may not be what’s really going on. ;-p

This collection of short stories about the inner workings of one man’s mind are not designed just to titillate, but to help uncover what makes men different from women, and why women find male confidence alluring. Society is better for all of us when we understand each other’s natures better and can laugh at our differences. Woof!

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