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I am Elephant, I am Butterfly

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The heart and the soul are tarnished now, but only you know why or how.
First it hurts, then it numbs, after a while, you’re in love with crumbs...

When sixteen-year-old Simone Wheeler is accepted into the elite Camp Kamama—a place of self-discovery for the morbidly obese—she instantly despises the food rations, obstacle course, and powwows, where each girl must stand in front of her peers to expose her darkest secrets. But the Appalachian Mountains are shrouded in mystery, and Camp Kamama’s rules will soon be the least of Simone’s worries.

While meditating beneath an old tree in the woods, Simone unearths a secret diary belonging to a beautiful skinny girl from the despised Camp Felina across the lake. But Phoebe the Felina has done more than scribble words in a journal: she has carved a cryptic path that Simone will be compelled to follow—no matter what the consequences.

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