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You Are Hired - Resumes & Interviews: Tips to write good Cover ketters, Resumes & succeed at Interviews

168 pages


This book focusses on the six steps towards getting hired. They are as follows:
1. How to Approach Job Search?
2. Designing your Resume
3. Cover Letter Drafting
4. Image Projection
5. Group Discussions
6. Interview Handling Techniques
Each of these steps is explained in detail to ensure that you will be able to implement them in getting your dream job. These steps have explained various strategies for “how to get hired”. Examples of real life resumes and cover letters have been used throughout the book.
Further as a part of my research, more than 10 amazing industry experts feature in this book. These experts generously share valuable inputs about the current industry trends in all aspects covered by this book. This book contains lots of examples and samples to clarify various points. This ensures that you get valuable enrichment from this book.
Once you are invited for an interview or group discussion. You’ll need to apply what you have learnt through this book and put into practice. The joy of developing and using these skills will culminate in you getting your dream job offer.

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