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Military Intelligence Section 6



In my shadow . . . 

The day Darrow Whittaker showed up at the King-Alexander Ranch outside Austin, Texas, and told Quint Alexander she never intended to leave, was etched in her memory. She'd lasted three months before being called home for a family emergency, and every day since, she's vowed to return to the cowboy who'd called her his sweet little shadow.

Quint Alexander has managed his family's since his widowed father retired from raising cattle and returned to England to become the chief of MI6. It wasn't the necessarily the life he would've chosen for himself, but what could he do, especially now that his only sibling was married to the son of a duke and settled in London. At night Quint dreams of a life traveling the world as a member of the intelligence community. That isn't all Quint dreams about. He longs to get his hands back on the feisty, fiery, and very beautiful woman who descended unannounced on his ranch and has haunted him day and night since she'd left.

When he hears that Darrow has been offered a training position at Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service training center in Northern England, Quint realizes that by not chasing his own dreams, he could lose her forever, and that isn't something he's willing to let happen.

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