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Jimmy Bobbington sees Father Christmas

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Can you imagine late on Christmas Eve, just before Christmas day itself, and Father Christmas is nearly finished delivering all the presents for the children on his list. He is very happy because he has eaten lots of mince pies and had some mulled wine left out by the children and their families. The reindeer are happy too, thinking about all the presents and how children all over the world will be so happy. They have worked very hard pulling the sleigh and Father Christmas across the cold skies from the North Pole to all parts and at last to Dorset, their last stop in England. Their warm breath is forming clouds in the night air. The skies are clear, the stars shine bright and all is quiet on the ground below as the world sleeps or waits for Christmas.
But when they get to Jimmy Bobbington's house, the fun begins. And so does an exciting adventure, not only for Jimmy, but for everyone!

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