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Get the F*ck On With Your Life: Healing After a Toxic Relationship

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Trying to survive after leaving a toxic relationship?

Walking away from relationship abuse can leave us feeling like a frayed nerve - powerless, confused, and vulnerable - when what we wish for most is strength.

We may feel weak spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We still question what we did wrong, looking for clues and answers by replaying the relationship in our minds.

Granting ourselves the time we need to process what happened permits us to heal and reconnect with ourselves.

After breaking free from years of a toxic relationship and finding a path to success and happiness, author Chris Ce shows you methods to trust yourself again, reconnect with your willpower, and move into a life on your own terms once you've left the relationship behind.

In this book you'll learn to:

•Identify and allow yourself the necessary time to recover from tip-toeing around someone else's moods, temper, and anxiety
•Listen to and trust yourself after being gaslighted, called crazy, and having your feelings diminished
•Build and keep your strength after the exhausting work it took to walk away and end communication
•Align your life again after your world has been turned upside down

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