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Second Lives: A Modest Collection of Short Stories

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Written by Ann O'Neal Garcia over a span of some forty years, the thirty short stories in Second Lives reveal a brilliant author who, in Ann Tyler fashion, reveals her humanity with a wide range of characters, just as she did with her novel, Spirit on the Wall, published by Holiday House.
Whether the character is a motherless girl of twelve appalled by what's happening to her once-flat chest, or a drunken broad looking to run off with Jesus, or a dim, pimply-faced teenage boy dreaming of the winning bull ride, this author lovingly draws her cast with clear-eyed detail and perfect pitch.
This collection attests to Ann's stunning versatility: the stories range from science fiction to autobiography; some are long and some are short; some are stone sober and some are whimsical.
In every story, the reader feels enriched by Ann's spirit -- how despite the sloughs of despair she sees beauty and finds hilarity. Even in tragic situations, the reader bursts out laughing. When you are finished reading this amazing collection, you too will feel better about the chaos we create and survive.

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