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Danny Canterbury and the Jacobean Chronicle: Seaoulanguishe (Adult Edition)

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This is an experimental novel written in free prose, neologisms, idiosyncrasies, puns, rhyme, poetry, stream of consciousness and pop rhythms.

When bookworm Eva Acacia wins a place at Oxford University she discovers friendship and romance. But when she travels round Europe she discovers shades of darkness in her new boyfriend Ufai Velia, that threaten to overwhelm her conscience and define not only her destiny but that of her unborn child, Danny Canterbury.

Mixing first and third person narratives from Eva's, Ufai's and Danny's stories, and deploying a range of linguistic techniques that at times both obscure and elucidate the psychological and literary allusions at play, the reader is constantly asked whose story is this and who is the writer? On this sea of language rides an anguishing of the soul which, if the reader is careful and attentive, can enlighten the dark secret and deep mystery at the thunderous heart of Danny's hidden quest. Is it a burning quest for revenge that Danny seeks, or an ability to ascend the murderous drama that has blighted his life thus far, and reach the ultimate freedom of expression through discovering a new language?

In the final book of Dominic Jericho’s coming-of-age series Danny’s adventures come to a collapsing end in a way only he can write.

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