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Nothing is as it seems. The assassination of Eliot Webb, brother of the US President, sparks a seemingly unrelated chain of events. These include the kidnapping of New York resident, Maya Borovkova and the poisoning of Russian general, Alexei Lukyanov.
Maya’s boyfriend, Sean Peters, races against time to save Maya. He is drawn into a world where nothing is as it seems and uncovers a plot which threatens to throw the former Soviet Bloc into crisis. He engages the assistance of Russian billionaire, Oleg Kostadinov to try and foil the kidnappers and bring down the conspiracy. Sean's search takes him to Russia where the mysterious Leonid Volkov suggests Maya may not be who she claims. Her true identity is linked to the brutal rape of a Russian teenager six years earlier - a rape initiated by General Lukyanov.

Desperate for answers, Sean risks life and limb in his search for Maya. He is finally reunited with her, as they both face certain death in the attic of a Volgograd dacha. They are saved thanks to a daring rescue mission, during which Oleg dies. When Sean meets the leader of the rescue mission he is shocked.

A week after Oleg's death $100 million disappears from his corporate bank accounts. Again nothing is as it seems.

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