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The Market and The Merchandise: Slaves of The Amethyst Volume 14

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As the summer festival comes toward a climax in Mathomdale the competition to buy new slaves becomes intense with rival families haggling over the wares on display. Julie becomes embroiled in the speculation as more and more prospective buyers seek to acquire her for their coffle. As Julie faces her crisis, Margaret of the Mathom Arms decides to intervene and discover just what it is about Julie that attracts so much interest. Even as she does so, Jennifer, in collusion with Alice, has her own plans for Julie Hawthorne.

Eugene too becomes entangled in the Mathomdale Fair slave market as she seeks to sell her own three slaves but those around her have other ideas... ideas that might form the basis of something new and special as Eugene loses control of events.

Meanwhile the war enters a new and vicious phase. Lady Mathom must juggle the exigences of armed conflict, the presence of a mysterious intruder in Mathomdale and the undercurrents among her slaves.

The fourteenth episode of Michaela Francis’ epic evolving drama is another rich tapestry of the strange world of Mathomdale and a heart warming look into the lives of the slaves that bear the amethyst.

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