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Spiritual Eyes: Seeing is Believing: Destination: Sowing and Reaping 2

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When Michael hears people talking about religion he explodes into a tirade of well-constructed blasphemy. His wicked logic helps to turn minds against all things God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit; creating advocates for the work of Satan. Mike, with one conversation, turns spirituality upside down. His logic based lies cause believers to question their belief and nonbelievers to believe in his self-proclaimed theories as law. Fed up with his arrogant ignorance, Michael is blessed and cursed with spiritual eyes in order for him to see, first-hand, how things really are on the other side.

Michael gets to see that the wrestle against flesh and blood is nothing compared to the fight mankind faces against the principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness in this world. "Spiritual Eyes: Seeing is Believing," not only takes Michael on a journey to the other side of life, light, and darkness. But it also takes the reader on the same journey where spiritual enlightenment and its reverse equivalent fight to usher in its cosmic purpose. The rulers of good and bad have a well-defined plan and purpose for all things created. Spiritual Eyes attempts to shed light on those purposes in hopes of helping readers to use their God given super power called "choice" to see, realize, and take the right road.

"Spiritual Eyes: Seeing is Believing" comes from the expanding "Destination: Sowing and Reaping" universe, where the veil of mankind's true reality is pulled back to reveal a series of unexpected karmic experiences needed for spiritual development.

Brace your heart and your mind for this electrifying punch in the gut, geared towards spiritual truth!

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