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Goin' Coastal

238 pages3 hours


All is not quiet on the coastal front as dead bodies emerge, marring these idyllic seaside escapes. Enter four intrepid sleuths who hit the sandy shores in search of clues, leaving not a single grain of sand unturned in pursuit of truth, justice, and the occasional adult beverage. Goin' Coastal is a collection of two novellas and two short stories that have two things in common; a coastal setting and a gruesome murder.

The following stories are included:

"Home is Where You Hang Your Flip Flops" searches for the details of a decades-old murder.

"Down by the Bay" connects a woman with a home she lived in as a child, a house that holds many secrets.

"Seas the Day" finds two women involved in a crazy plot to frame an ex-husband for murder, but the script flips and they end up framing themselves.

"The Tide Also Rises" shows how a quiet summer by the shore can turn deadly when you delve into a past someone would rather stay buried.

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