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A Highland Affair

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Gareth Rees was a young journalist in Cardiff when tragedy hit. His girlfriend, Anne, was taken ill and died. Afterwards, at work, his colleague Janet Lawrence pursued him. When he rebuffed her advances she made a complaint of sexual harassment. Gareth suffered a mental breakdown and was sacked.
He left South Wales to start a new life in the Western Highlands of Scotland. He acquired a dog, rented a bungalow and found work with the Forestry Commission. One day he encountered a wild young girl, Mhairi, who lived by herself in a cave high up in the mountains. Their strange relationship resulted in one night of sexual passion.
Later he met, and was attracted to, a glamorous blonde, Carol McLeod, wife of Angus, a wealthy Scottish landowner. Angus’s subsequent suicide resulted in Carol and Gareth entering into a closer liaison.
Carol later discovered that her husband had accumulated massive debts which were registered on their home and the banks were about to foreclose with Orders for Possessions. She became frantic with worry as she had two young children who attended the local infants school, so she turned to Gareth for help. He was only too happy to oblige as he was extremely attracted to her. Eventually she was evicted from her lovely home and had to find refuge for her and the children in a rented cottage. The trials and tribulations that followed caused their relationship to become closer. A year after Angus’s death they decided to get married and she and the two children moved into his bungalow.
Then, very early one morning there was a hammering on the back door. Gareth went to open it and was shocked to discover a tiny baby wrapped in blankets on the back door step. There was no one else around.

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