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Nanny Wanted

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Elly George, CEO of her own personnel training academy, Gold Staff, in Melbourne, offers to mind her godchild while her best friend is in hospital after an accident. When she realises she cannot work and cope with a baby, she hires Rusty Webster, an Environmental Engineer and part time nanny for his sister's Angel Care agency.

Living together in her penthouse apartment, attraction and romance blossom. But Elly isn't in the market for a husband. Her career is her life and she believes she is not maternal so she resists him. Divorced Rusty comes from a large family, wants a wife and kids of his own, and is determined to succeed second time around.

When Rusty leaves for his work in the Northern Territory, Elly misses him and fears she has lost her chance for love yet when he returns and proposes, her confusion mounts. Needing her career and not necessarily children, she refuses. Can Elly overcome her doubts and take a risk on happiness, and will Rusty change her mind?

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