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The Door Keeper

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The Minneapolis/Saint Paul 77th police precinct has been labeled as a group of misfits. It's unfair. In reality, they have loads of talent. Paranormal talent. Except, of course, no one knows that. Their job? Chasing and capturing all those creepy crawly things that go bump – or worse – in the night, and sending them back to their realms. In other words, they keep the people of the city safe and totally unaware that doors to other realms even exist.

Nick, their boss, is the keeper of those cosmic openings. He is the only one who can find, open, shut, and more importantly, seal other-worldly realm doors, preferably with its scary and sometimes homicidal inhabitants on the other side. Vicious hungry monsters waiting for Nick to mess up.

Or for an opening Nick misses.

From a single tear comes an unspeakable horror. A dangerous vampire. Ferociously brutal, he is a killing machine. A creature so lethal it will take Nick’s entire team and absolutely all their power to hunt him down to send him back. And the last thing Nick needs is another partner. Especially one as sexy as Arrain.

But Arrain intends on being more to Nick than just a partner. Much more. Something Nick cannot allow. Not with the devastating secrets he harbors.

Except Arrain has a few secrets of his own and one thing he knows. Nick is next on the vampire’s list. The handsome monster wants not only to seduce the talented Door Keeper, but to suck his power over doors right out of him. If that happens, the world of humans is doomed. Can Arrain make Nick trust him in time to save him?

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