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Jump Starting the Universe

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One moment they were loading the Nomad, the next second, they vanished in an odd green light. It wasn’t a hail storm, it was two universes colliding and overlapping.
Mark, Wayne, Amelia, and Blackie were caught in the mixing zone. When it separated, Earth and its universe went one direction and they went the other. Now, they found themselves on Alphus Nebulum, a foreign planet in a another universe. Wayne said things were going to get weird; he was right.

Surrounded by soldiers intending to arrest them, Amelia felt compelled to push the Jump Starter’s red button. The Nomad, with them and Nita, disappeared in a flashing silver haze. They’re lost, and until they learn how to program the Jump Starter they have no idea where it will take them next. Except for beings made of silicon, those that resemble a rhinoceros, or a hundred of other variations, aliens aren’t so different than earthlings. Like Nita, or Joules who joined them on Gafcon-49, most of them are pleasant - just getting on with life. But some are foul creatures, capable of despicable things, who make space a very dangerous place.

They want to go home, but they don't know how to get there. All six of them had the same soul crushing worry; what if they made it home and regretted the decision because they ended up stuck there? Space travel has a way of becoming addicting, but it has to be controlled. Random travel with an un-programmed Jump Starter can get you killed, or worse.

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