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Jesus Calling: 50 Devotions to Grow in Your Faith

Jesus Calling: 50 Devotions to Grow in Your Faith

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Jesus Calling: 50 Devotions to Grow in Your Faith

4.5/5 (5 ratings)
68 pages
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Jan 29, 2019


If you're looking to move from knowing about God to having a personal relationship with Him, this is a wonderful devotional for you. Jesus Calling®: 50 Devotions to Grow in Your Faith brings the warmth and insight that more than 25 million people have enjoyed through Jesus Calling® in devotions curated to help you grow and nourish your faith.

The Jesus Calling®: 50 Devotions to Grow in Your Faith features 50 topical readings from Jesus Calling® gathered together in a new way and combined with relevant Scripture verses on the topics of faith and spiritual growth.

This book is part of a three-book series for teens, each focusing on a felt need. The other two books in the series focus on themes of thankfulness and dealing with busy days. These books are great for an individual study and make a great set for gift giving.

Readers around the world already love how Sarah's words help them connect with Jesus. Now the new Jesus Calling® topical devotionals offer a way to focus even more deeply on the major felt needs in your life . . . and the lives of your friends, family, church, school, and friends.

With a beautiful, classic cover and affordable price point, these topical devotionals are a natural addition to the Sarah Young brand.

Jan 29, 2019

About the author

Sarah Young, author of the bestselling 365-day devotionals Jesus Calling and Jesus Always, has sold more than 35 million books worldwide. Jesus Calling has appeared on all major bestseller lists. Sarah's writings include Jesus Calling, Jesus Listens, Jesus Always, Jesus Today, Jesus Lives, Dear Jesus, Jesus Calling for Little Ones, Jesus Calling Bible Storybook, Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids, Peace in His Presence, and more, each encouraging readers in their journeys toward intimacy with Christ. Sarah and her husband were missionaries in Japan and Australia for many years. They currently live in the United States. Connect with Sarah at: Facebook.com/JesusCalling Instagram.com/JesusCalling YouTube.com/jesuscallingbook Pinterest.com/Jesus_Calling Twitter.com/Jesus_Calling

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Book Preview

Jesus Calling - Sarah Young


Jesus calls us to trust Him at all times. Trust Him in all circumstances. Trust Him with all our heart.

Scripture says, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5 ESV). The Bible is the only perfect Word of God—without errors. I work hard to keep my devotional writings consistent with the unchanging truths of God’s Word.

I have written from the perspective of Jesus speaking, to help readers feel more personally connected with Him. So the first person singular (I, Me, My, Mine) always refers to Jesus; you refers to you, the reader. I’ve included Scripture references after each reading. Words from the Scriptures (some paraphrased, some quoted) are indicated in italics.

The devotions in this book are meant to help you trust Jesus more and more. When you’re tired, when things are going wrong, and even on your best days, whisper these four short words: I trust You, Jesus. When you do this, you release things into His control. This is a great way to stay close to Him and grow in your faith.


Worship your worries? That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But whatever you think about the most becomes your god, your idol, the thing you worship. When your worries take on a life of their own and take over your thoughts, you are worshiping your worries.

I want you to break free from your worries. How? By trusting Me. By thinking about Me. By worshiping only Me. No one else knows what goes on inside your mind—not your friends, not your teachers, not even your parents. But I know your every thought, so be careful concerning what you choose to think about. I am constantly searching your thoughts for a sign of your trust in Me. When I find that your thoughts are about Me, I rejoice! Choose to think about Me more and more; this will keep you close to Me.


He is SAFE because he TRUSTS the Lord.

—PSALM 112:7 (ICB)


I came to earth, was crucified, and then rose from the grave so that I could create a new you. A you who isn’t stuck in a boring routine, who doesn’t worry what others think, who isn’t afraid to try new things.

I want you to have an exciting life, full of adventure and challenge. I have lots of plans for you; I want you to do great things for My kingdom. First, though, you have to give Me control of your old life. Let Me have your old worries, your old struggles, your old temptations and sins. I will throw them all away so that I can work in your

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  • (5/5)
    Loved that! Very good !highly recommend to read it with an open mind?
  • (5/5)
    I loved how the author wrote through the first person POV from God. That was refreshing and personal!