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Valentine's Day Survival Guide



Why Resist A Rebel? by Leah Ashton

Ruby Bell has put scandal and relationships behind her to forge a successful career in film. Then actor Devlin Cooper, strolls onto her Outback set. The last thing Ruby needs is Dev making demands and causing her to question her 'no romance at work' rule…

But what's a girl to do when Dev's taking her on a lavish date one moment, then calling 'cut' on their growing closeness the next? What exactly does he want with her – and what's causing the shadows behind those famous blue eyes?

The Guy To Be Seen With by Fiona Harper

Who can forget gorgeous adventurer Daniel Bradford? Especially after the on–air rejection of his girlfriend's marriage proposal sparked a scandal! With Daniel suddenly back on the market, all of London's single ladies were on the lookout!

So just who is special enough to catch his attention? Our sources reveal she's strong–willed blonde bombshell, Chloe Michaels, orchid specialist and Daniel's new colleague. London's very own Indiana Jones is in for the – romantic – adventure of a lifetime!

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