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Making God Part of Your Family: The Family Bible Study Guide -Volume 2

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Making God Part of Your Family Volume 2 strives to bring God’s plan to life for individuals and their families as He chose to reveal through the stories in the Old Testament.

Most would agree that the Old Testament stories can be difficult to relate to and understand. Veteran Bible teacher, Michael Grady, retells the Old Testament stories in concise, thought-provoking, and easy-to-understand doses that are intended to stimulate family discussions. He demonstrates that the Old Testament stories are much more than just a history of the Israelites (God’s chosen family). Michael shows readers that the Old Testament stories are parables detailing God’s guide to living and His eternal plan for redemption and salvation for all who choose to believe.

The stories in Making God Part of Your Family Volume 2 provide a unique combination: they are both simple enough for children to understand and deep enough for parents to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God’s Word. This vibrant, yet carefully researched volume brings families closer together and helps them clearly establish their identity as children of God and brothers and sisters of Jesus—together.

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