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Should Christians Tithe? Exploring The Grace That Keeps The Windows of Heaven Open

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When it comes to the topic of tithing, the Church is roughly divided into two opposing sides. One side believes that tithing is an obligation every Christian must practice faithfully and consistently—if they want to stay in God’s good books. If they don’t, they are robbing God and are under a curse. The other side believes that tithing was given to the Jewish nation under the Law of Moses. It was abolished in Christ and should no longer be practiced by Christians today.
This book has been written to show you that there is some truth and some error in both positions. There is a third way to explain the teaching of the tithe—that embraces the divine intentions of the Old Testament and the divine teachings of the New.
In this refreshing book on a thorny subject, you will learn:
•Why God instituted the tithe and what it represented.
•Whether the tithe was abolished under Christ or not.
•The higher principles of giving in the New Testament.
•What grace conscious Believers are instructed to do today.
•The difference between tithing to the Levitical Priest and releasing the tithe to Melchizedek—or Jesus Christ.
My prayer is that you will read this book prayerfully and patiently. If you do, I believe it will free you from guilt and confusion, and establish in your heart what God wants you to do and teach about tithing.

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