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The Perfect Nanny

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Bruno Larsen's just inherited the care of his 3-month-old niece, Lina after the tragic death of her parents and needs a full time live in nanny, preferably one that can breastfeed- since poor little Lina does not want to drink her formula. 
He is referred to the very young and beautiful Sylvie Brunet, who works as a nanny while attending graduate school, but has a secret problem she's been hiding since she was 18- after a side effect to medication made her start lactating. 
Bruno hires Sylvie and although she initially rejects breastfeeding baby Lina for fear she'll grow too attached, she eventually can't deny her what she really wants and needs. 

As Sylvie grows closer to his niece, Bruno becomes transfixed watching her breastfeed and quickly falls in love- setting him on a mission to make her stay for good- not just for Lina's sake, but for his. And once he samples what he's been fantasizing about, he makes sure she'll stay his.

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