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Deception for Power and Profit - Book 1 Politics, Money & Business: What you don’t know about what you think you do

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 Think you live in a democracy?   Think you legally own that money in your bank account?  Think you really know the society you live in?  Think again.   We live in murky times. Sure, the average person sometimes has that sneaking suspicion that things aren’t quite right these days, but talk of conspiracies and big-brother is just paranoia—isn’t it? Don’t be so sure. Hidden in plain sight, the twenty-first century harbours far more contrived and insidiously deceptive ways than you might think. Maybe it’s time to wake up.  
It’s not that we’re openly lied to—well, not often anyway. It’s more insidious than that. Day by day, we’re professionally bemused with spin, half-truths, and soothing soundbites. Unpalatable deals and events get swift state funerals behind firmly closed establishment doors. Mindless apathy is cultivated for the masses, while those at the helm grasp for ever more power. 
Deception for Power and Profit levels the playing field by deciphering the tangled enigmas of modern life. If you’ve ever wondered how gerrymandering undermines so-called democracy, how financiers and banks leverage political power, what toxic tricks and tactics are shared by organized religion and multinationals, how fake news can be so effective, or what on earth Tweedism is, Deception for Power and Profit has you covered. 
Author Peter de Pradines doesn’t rabble-rouse, inflame with sensationalist rhetoric, or weave conspiracy theories; he simply brings modern life’s fine print under the spotlight. Turns out there are a fair few terms and conditions we never knew we agreed to.

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