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A Chocolate Kiss of Death: The Chocolate Cafe Series, #5

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Chocolate anyone?

What could be more fun that a couple of zany gal pals who own a chocolate shop in a ritzy town by the ocean?

Catharine Mackenzie is a bit of a perfectionist, who took a big risk by opening up her very own chocolate shop in well-heeled Mackenzie Bay, with the help of her rebel-without-a-cause, motorcycle-riding best friend, Sabrina, who creates the most magical chocolates you've ever tasted. The two get on each other's nerves and wisecrack their way through life, but stick together through thick and thin.

The gal pals often find themselves in sticky situations, which end up with them being involved in solving a murder. This time around, the murder is the result of quite an unusual set of circumstances, with Catharine and Sabrina facing extreme danger and intrigue at the hands of fellow shopkeepers in town.

The local business association is a cutthroat organization and some folks will stop at nothing to gain a coveted position with the group…even murder.

Will the girls become the next victims of a ruthless murderer, or will they end up tasting the sweet satisfaction of justice?

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