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Dragons of Cadia: The Complete Collection

1,088 pages15 hours


Get all six of these fire-breathers in one complete boxed series. Six dragons coming to grips with their powers, their future, and most importantly, their mates. 

The prestigious Top Scale Academy is where all dragons go to learn the ways of their kind. Once there though, student and teacher alike are just as likely to fall in love. The lure of their fated mates is strong, and these dragons had better be ready to defend them, because their enemies are growing more powerful, and they won't hesitate to strike where the scales are weakest: Their hearts.

Contained in this collection are the following full-length novels:

Frost Dragon
Fire Dragon
Electro Dragon
Gale Dragon
Fume Dragon
Aurum Dragon

Warning: Contains fearsome dragons with amazing powers, human mates stronger than the hardest scale, sizzling love scenes, and a whole lot of good old fashioned fun!

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