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Dare to Conquer: Those Who Dare, #3

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Many people harbor secrets from their pasts. But when the past menaces the present, they call on Landreth Investigations, and agency head Doug Landreth. And they find that amongst the passion and peril, second chances are possible.

When his sworn enemy comes to Portland, PI agency head Doug Landreth knows only one of them will survive. Crippled from an earlier attack by the powerful drug lord, Doug makes difficult decisions to protect his family and agency staff as the drug gang escalates their violent attacks. Sheer desperation takes over as Doug plots to take out his adversary.

Threatened by both her ex-husband and the drug lord, sharpshooter Alison Steele must stay alive to help protect her boss, his family, and agency staff. Working for Doug has allowed Alison to see the man within, and while they both carry emotional and physical scars from their pasts, there is also a burning attraction between them. Her skills and ingenuity are stretched to the max as the plots against them unfold and danger intensifies. When Doug offers more than a boss/employee relationship, her heart is also at risk.

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