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A Count for Christmas: The Seldon Park Christmas Novellas, #6

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Lady Grace Rowe, the dowager Countess of Colbourne, is ready to indulge in an affair.  Still in the late blush of youth and after a loveless marriage to a man old enough to be her grandfather, she believes that is the least she deserves.  She also believes that the dowager Duchess of Winterset's "Night of a Thousand Stars" ball at Highburn Castle during the Christmas season is the place to conduct such an affair – if only she knew who she wished to conduct it with!

Lord Marcel Blanchard, Count Aris, is half French, half English and not the sort of man given to brief affairs.  Lonely and searching for a place to call home, Marc isn't certain that he wants a wife, but he does know he desires something more permanent than one night in a lady's bed.

When Grace and Marc meet in a shadow hallway with Highburn Castle, sparks fly between then.  She wants an affair.  He doesn't know what he wants.  The only thing they are both certain of is that they want each other.  Is there a future for them outside of the magical Christmas castle or is one night together all they will ever have?

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