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Agonizing For The Faith

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Jude is the second to last book in scripture (right before Revelation). Unfortunately, it is one of the least taught books in Christendom even though it is quite possibly one of the most important. This short 25 verse book written by the half-brother of Jesus is call to arms for believers to stand up against the false teaching that has invaded the church. This timely book was not just relevant in Jude's day, but was a admonition for the church in the centuries to follow to be on guard for the agents of Satan who desire to taint the word of God. This book is commentary on Jude and will dive deep into some of the ancient Greek, as well as many other supporting biblical texts to reveal the deep truths the Holy Spirit penned through Jude. There will be many examples of apostasy of the past in the early church, and apostasy in the present. And yes, there will be apostates in this book who are named and their heresy will be presented against the fires of scripture. This book is meant to equip the saints to "agonize" (ἐπαγωνίζομαι) for the faith against the false teaching that is so pervasive in our culture and around the world. The title of this book was inspired by Jude's command to "ἐπαγωνίζομαι" (epagonizomai) in verse 3, which means "to contend earnestly" for the faith (in context). The Greek root word is where our English word "agonize" comes from. It is literally a call for believers to oppose those who would revile the word of God. If we do not oppose those who slander Christ our Savior and His word, then error will find its way into the church and taint all of those exposed. This book will show you the schemes and motives of the false teacher as Jude pulls no punches.

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