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The Spiritual MBA: Discover How to Manage Your Biggest Asset: Volume, #1

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Are you looking for a more fulfilling way to build a successful and happy life? Why not try the Spiritual MBA way? This approach has the potential to move you further along your own success and happiness continuum. Inspired by a true story of a successful female entrepreneur, the Spiritual MBA is a 'practical spirituality' handbook that lays out a new spiritually-inspired self-leadership framework. This life-success companion was created in response to a new narrative emerging around the topic of spirituality and its place in business and our lives at large. According to a USA Weekend poll, "47% of Americans cited spirituality as the second most important factor in their personal happiness and they are looking for ways to bring spirituality to all aspects of their lives, including their workplace".

This insightful pocket book scores high on its practicality value and reveals useful tips on how to manage your biggest asset - your mind and Self - more effectively. To this point, it is filled with unique success-building strategies, actionable insights and self-management tips that you are not likely to pick up in a traditional classroom! Useful practical tips are interwoven with entertaining personal anecdotes and real-life testimonials that inspire and empower and call you to action! The proposed 'spiritual-preneurship' framework and with it the 'spiritual-preneur' is a new addition to an entire suite of already established preneurs, from entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, infopreneurs, techno-preneurs, kindle-preneurs to other innovative variations. Most importantly, spiritual-preneurship is a code of conduct; a spiritual manifesto. A set of success and happiness habits that lead to greatly positive and lasting life-outcomes because they are achieved in alignment with Higher spiritual (natural) laws that govern our universe. 

What's in it for you? You can expect this book to inspire, educate and motivate. It will make you more self-aware, expand your views and introduce you to the spiritual-MBA toolkit that can make a real difference in your life. You will gain a deeper understanding of how your mind actually works, how to harness its creative power and how to program it for whatever goal you are after. You will learn about the concept of brain integrity and mind-sync as well as various cases of internal resistance that may be holding you back from achieving the level of success that you deserve. You will be introduced to the concept of energetic healing and some energetic clearing techniques as well as the life-path system that sheds an invaluable light on some specific challenge areas and also points to untapped opportunities that are inherent to your life journey.

            The Spiritual MBA is much more than just another self-development guidebook. It is an exciting new beginning of a collective journey that will touch many lives and impact greatly! It is also a new platform to promote other successful spiritual-preneurs. It is a growing social and virtual community that connects, inspires and creates a positive spiritual footprint across the globe. Lastly, this life-success companion gives you an opportunity to pause, reflect, and re-imagine your life. You may feel inspired to re-invent yourself or define a new more fulfilling vision for yourself if the one that you are currently living no longer fulfills you. Are you ready to reach for your dreams and design the destiny that you seek? Let this Spiritual-MBA pocket book help you along the way. Your success and happiness are only a decision away!

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